Seasons in Riviera Maya

Seasons in the Riviera Maya are mostly nonexistent, as most of the days are hot and sunny. Locals consider a day with 70ºF to be cold! You might see locals wearing light sweaters during the winter – which is not always the case – while tourists are walking around in t-shirts and shorts.

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The Riviera Maya is located in a tropical area; therefore, you can expect warm and humid days throughout the year. If you are visiting from areas with a mild climate, surely you will enjoy the Riviera Maya’s balmy days and nights.

However, it is important to know that even though the temperature doesn’t vary that much, there are some differences between the seasons. These vary from rain season, to very hot seasons, to “chill” seasons. It is important to know what weather to expect when packing for your trip.

Seasons in the Riviera Maya: an overview.

Seasons in the Riviera Maya are not as defined as in other areas of the world; however, you can expect certain variations from time to time. Check out our handy chart to discover what to expect during different months of the year!

Season Weather Conditions maritime
February-May Sunny weather with low humidity. Little chance of rain. The sea is calm and the water temperature is between 78.8 and 80.6 ºF.
July-August Temperatures rise, there is a greater chance of rain with isolated showers. The sea is calm and the water temperatures is between 78.8 and 84 ºF.
September-October Rainy season, with overcast skies and higher humidity. Expect heavy rains with brief periods of sun. The sea can be a little choppy and the water might look slightly murky; however, the water temperature remains between 78.8 and 84 ºF.
November-January Pleasant temperatures, some rain can be expected with strong winds coming from the sea. The sea is a little choppy and there can be strong winds. Water temperatures is between 77 and 84 ºF.

Seasons in the Riviera Maya: month by month forecast

Month Low Max Rainy days Average rainfall / month in inches Recommendations
January 64 ºF 86 ºF 7 24” Cool season: There is a little rain and sometimes wind. The days are sunny and the nights can get quite cool. Bring light clothing, sunscreen, long sleeves, pants and a sweater or light jacket.
February 64 ºF 86 ºF 4 15”
March 66 ºF 88 ºF 3 12”
April 70 ºF 88 ºF 6 14 “ Hot Season:  The days are mostly sunny, hot and humid. Bring light, natural fiber clothing, folding umbrella and sunscreen.


70 ºF 90 ºF 6 39 “
June 72 ºF 90 ºF 10 63 “
July 70 ºF 33 ° C 8 33 “
August 70 ºF 90 ºF 10 42.5 “
Sept. 70 ºF 90 ºF 13 67 “
Oct. 68 ºF 88 ºF 12 72″
Nov. 66 ºF 88 ºF 9 37″ Cool season. The rainy days are scarce, the days are sunny and there is constant breeze from the sea. The nights can get quite cool. Bring light clothing, sunscreen, long sleeves, pants and a sweater or light jacket.
Dec. 64 ºF 86 ºF 8 30 “
Source:  National Weather Service Data recorded in 1971-2000.

Hurricane Season

Whenever you are planning to visit the Riviera Maya, please consider the weather conditions in order to pack the essential items that you will need.

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